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  Requirement to meet her

Saotome Yumi  Saotome Yumi   

More noisy than cheerful, she sometimes tends to be little selfish. A naive girl who loves amusement parks and zoos. 

She likes a guy who won't treat her like a kid. 

Birth date May 16
Blood type O
Height 155 cm
Measurements 1st. year N.A. 
2nd. year 79,59,82
3rd. year 81,60,84
Phone Number CCC-AABC
Clubs Basketball Team
Hobby Video games, Animes, and Wrestling
Favourite Food Pudding
Occurrences on dates 
SPRING 97 Gets excited and hurts herself at the Amusement Park
SUMMER 97 Goes boating at the Central Park
FALL 97 Gets excited at the wrestling match
WINTER 97 Ski life suddenly stops

Occurrences at School 
  • Gets jealous of Saki Nijino and makes lunch for you.
  • Gives you a gift from her school trip
    Special Occurrence 
  • WINTER 97 - Comes to your house for a snow fight after heavy snow. 

    Music Idol Singers
    Movie Anime
    Gift Anything related to TV and anime 

    Favorite date spots

    • Central Park
    • Shop- Small item shop
    • Art museum- Statue show only
    • Amusement park- (?. One of the seven kind)
    • Movie- SF and (?)
    • Ski

    Bad date spots

    • Planetarium
    • Art museum- normal and famous painter show
    • library
    • Amusement Park- hero show (first Sunday of each month) and (?)
    • Movie- (?. three of the eight kinds.)
    • Concert- (?. three of the fours kinds.)

    Birthday Presents 
    2 nd Year
    3 rd Year

    Yumi-chan's minimum requirements

    StaminaAbove 40HumanitiesAbove 100ScienceAbove 100
    ArtAbove 100AthleticsAbove 100General KnowledgeAbove 100
    AppearanceAbove 100PerseverenceAbove 100StressUnder 30

    In addition, you must also be accepted into a first or second rank university.

    Post Graduation Plan 

  • Follow your University or even just graduating.   

    To Kisaraki Mio  To Tatebayashi Miharu