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  Requirement to meet her

Kisaraki Mio  Kisaraki Mio   

A book-loving literary girl, she's physically weak and has such a tendency toward anemia that she sometimes faint during assembly. She's poor at sports and is rather shy and retiring (perhaps because she spend so much time inside). She loves Goethe and Chopin; her favorite food is eggs (she can't stand meat). 

She likes a guy who loves literary. 

Birth date February 3
Blood type A
Height 156 cm
Measurements 1st. year 80,59,82
2nd. year 80,59,83
3rd. Year 81,59,83
Phone Number BBA-CACB
Clubs Literature Club, Drama Club
Hobby Reading
Favourite Food Food that is made from egg
Special Occurrence 

  • When you have reached the blushing stage with Mio and if you decide to participate in the 3-legged race, Mio will ask you to be her partner. She'll say that her original partner is hurt and cannot participate. At this time, you can either refuse her, but then she'll be very sad, and then she'll set a bomb on you soon after, or you can accept her invitation. If you accept, then you partner will no longer be Shiori, and will be Mio instead.
    Occurrences on dates 
    SPRING Is thrown unconscious on a Jet ride
    SUMMER Talks to you under a parasol at the beach
    FALL '96 Completely absorbed reading at the library1
    WINTER '96 Cries while watching a romantic movie at the theater
    Occurrences at School 
  • Helps her in moving books
    Participating Activity 

  • Humanities 

    Music Classic and Light Sound

    Favorite date spots

    • Central Park
    • Zoo
    • Art museum (always, but except horrow show in 3rd year)
    • Amusement park- ferry wheel and(?)
    • Movie- romance and (?)
    • Concert- classic
    • Beach
    • Skating
    • Green day (first week in August)

    Bad date spots

    • Shopping- junk store
    • Art museum- horror show
    • Arcade center
    • Amusement park- hero show (first Sunday of each month), ghost house and (?. the other kinds)
    • Studium
    • Movie- SF and (? three other kinds)
    • Concert- rock and (? one other kind)
    • Ski

    Birthday Presents 
    1 st Year
    2 nd Year
    3 rd Year

    Mio-chan's minimum requirements

    StaminaAbove 20HumanitiesAbove 120ScienceAbove 100
    ArtAbove 60AthleticsAbove 80General KnowledgeAbove 100
    AppearanceAbove 100PerseverenceAbove 50StressUnder 20

    In addition, you must also be accepted into a first or second rank university.

    Post Graduation Plan 

  • She'll be attending first class University.   

    To Kiyokawa Nozomi  To Saotome Yumi