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  Requirement to meet her

Tatebayashi Miharu  Tatebayashi Miharu   

The mysterious girl with Koala shape hair style. She bumps into you in a hallway and many other places, and leaves messages when you are not at home. She is extremly shy girl who fell for you at the very first sight, trying to get you notice her fondness toward you. Winning her is quite easy as she already has crush on you. However, if she finds you are with another girl, she'll have a broken heart than cannot be mend easily.

Birth date March 3
Blood type A
Height 153 cm
Measurements 1st. year 81,58,82
2nd. year 82,58,82
3rd. year 82,58,83
Phone Number CCA-BBCA
Clubs Literature Club
Hobby Listening to music
Favourite Food Cake
Occurrences on dates 

  • The fateful Febuary 23, 1998 date. It's the most famous date in TokiMemo game. In order to make it happen, you must have met Miharu quite often during your game play and have a girl other than Miharu ready to confess her love on the graduation day. If the necessary conditions are met - although I'm not sure of exact conditions - she'll place a call to meet you at the Central park. This is the only date you'll ever have with Miharu in this game. It's whether unknown if you can finish the game with Miharu after this event, although it's not proven impossible.
    Favorite date spots

      None. You can' t date her

    Bad date spots

      None. You can' t date her

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