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  Requirement to meet her

Katagiri Ayako  Katagiri Ayako   

This rough-and-ready bilingual girl doesn't fret about details. She likes unusual things and hopes to study art abroad after graduation. She hates water and cannot swim. Her hobbies are watching films and singing karaoke. She likes hamburgers and hates natto. 

She likes a guy who can understand art. 

Birth date September 30
Blood type B
Height 159 cm
Measurements 1st. year 86,60,86
2nd. year 86,59,86
3rd. year 86,60,87
Phone Number ABC-BCBC
Clubs Art Club, Brass Band Club, or Literature Club
Hobby Drawing
Favourite Food Hamberger
Occurrences on dates 
SPRING 97 She gives a great performance at the Karaoke
SUMMER 96 She refuses to dip into the sea at the Beach
FALL 97 Memorizes a Giger-like art work at the Art Museum
WINTER 96 Falls asleep on your shoulders at the Planetarium

Occurrences at School 
  • Skips swimming in PE class.

  • Special Occurrence 
  • When you choose to go to Okinawa for your school trip and go exploring, she'll try to practice her English with a foreigner.

  • Participating Activity 

  • Drawing 

  • Interests 

    Music Rock
    Movie Action
    Gift Giger Art Collection  

    Favorite date spots

    • Central Park
    • Zoo
    • Art museum (always)
    • Movie (?)
    • Concert (?)
    • Skating
    • Green day (first week in August)

    Bad date spots

    • Amusement park- hero show (first Sunday of each month), ferry wheel and (?)
    • Studium- wrestling
    • 3 types of movie=(?)
    • 2 types of concert=classic and (?)
    • Ski

    Birthday Presents 
    1 st Year
    2 nd Year
    3 rd Year

    Post Graduation Plan 

  • She'll be studying abroad. 

    To Tatebayashi Miharu  To Karagi Mira