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  Requirement to meet her

  • Select the make up command to improve your Appearance category. Your Appearance must be over at least 126 points in order for Mira to appear. She'll bump into in the hallway and make note of your handsomeness. 

  • Karagi Mira Pic  Karagi Mira   

    One of the most beautiful girls at Kirameki High School. She is so confident of her good looks that she takes a rather haughty attitude toward boys. She likes to eat melon. 

    She likes a handsome guy who can be a beautiful couple with her. 

    Birth date Nov. 15
    Blood type O
    Height 167 cm
    Measurements 1st. year 90,60,88
    2nd. year 92,61,89
    3rd. year 93,61,89
    Phone Number AAC-CCBA
    Clubs None
    Hobby Shopping
    Favourite Food Melon
    Occurrences on dates 
    SPRING Tries on clothes at the clothes store1
    SUMMER Puts on suntan oil at the beaches
    FALL  Screams out of horror at the Haunted house2
    WINTER Falls while skiing3
    X-MAS Asks you to walk together after the party
    ALL Cancels date
  • You have an option to choose color of the clothes she'll put on. Pick red and she'll be pleased with your sense of fashion. May not turn out positive otherwise. 

  • Occurrences at the School 
  • Asks you carry her stuff. 


    GiftExpensive Stuffs

    Favorite date spots

    • Green Day (1st Sunday of August)

    Bad date spots

    • Spring- while shopping (cloth store) - require normal face
    • Summer- in beach- require normal face
    • Autumn- in Amusement park (ghost house) - require blushing face
    • Winter- in ski - require blushing face
    • All- cancel date -require very happy face

    • School- in summer uniform - happen randomly- require very happy face

    • Special- in Christmas party - require blushing face

    • School- in January, after the above Christmas party event had happen - require blushing face

    Birthday Presents
    1 st Year
    2 nd Year
    3 rd Year

    Mira-chan's minimum requirements

    StaminaAbove 30HumanitiesAbove 100ScienceAbove 100
    ArtAbove 100AthleticsAbove 110General KnowledgeAbove 110
    AppearanceAbove 300 (!)PerseverenceAnyStressUnder 30

    Post Graduation Plan 

  • She'll be working at second class Company and pursue to become a model.   

    To Katagiri Ayako  To Himoo Yuina