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  Requirement to meet her

  • Science skill> 50 or 85 when you meet 2 other girls already
    Ramdom chance in Christmas party
    Join the same club

  • Himoo Yuina Pic  Himoo Yuina   

    She's as self-centered and as widely ambitious as a mad scientist. Because she thinks of herself as a genius, she tends to look down on other people. She doesn't believe in anything that cannot be proven by scientifically. She listens to classical music to relax. 

    Her ideal type is a guy who shares same value as hers. 

    Birth date July 7
    Blood type A
    Height 161 cm
    Measurements 1st. year 84,58,84
    2nd. year 84,59,85
    3rd. Year 85,59,86
    Phone Number AAA-CCBC
    Clubs Science Club, Computer Club
    Hobby Experimenting
    Favourite Food Good Food
    Occurrences on dates 
    SPRING Believes Koala is a new Bio weapon at the Zoo
    SUMMER '97 Modifies the computer scoring at the Bowling Alley
    FALL '96 Cheats on the machines at the arcades
    WINTER '96 Goes nuts at the computer store due to a huge sale
    ALL Disturbs the special effects crew
    Occurrences at the School 
  • During the sunset, sighs on the rooftop 

    Special Occurrence 

  • Choose to go to Hokaido for your class trip, then choose to explore on your free day. You'll get to fight an alien, and Yuina will bring out her robot to aid you.
    Participating Activity 

  • Science 

    Gift Computer Parts

    Favorite date spots

    • Aquarium
    • Art museum- famous painter and statue show
    • Concert- classic

    Bad date spots

    • Shopping- cloth and item shop
    • Plant garden
    • Art museum- normal
    • Library
    • Arcade center
    • Bowling center
    • Karaoke Box
    • Amusement Park- everything!
    • Stadium
    • Movie- romance and (?. 2 out of eight kinds)
    • Concert- any except classic
    • Water park
    • Skating
    • Ski

    Birthday Presents
    1 st Year
    2 nd Year
    3 rd Year

    Post Graduation Plan 

  • She'll be working at first class Company.   

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