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  Requirement to meet her

  • None. You know Shiori from the beginning of the game

  • Fujisaki Shiori Pic  Fujisaki Shiori    

    The star of Kirameki High School, she's fair of face and figure, good at all sports and a straight-A student. The hardest girl to win her heart. All the boys love her, but she has a high standards when it comes to men. Boys who want to win her should handsume and clever. 

    She likes a guy with a dream and whom she can admire from the bottom of her heart. 

    Birth date Determined by player
    Bloodtype Determined by player
    Height 158 cm
    Measurements 1st. Year 83,56,84
    2nd. Year 84,56,85
    3rd. Year 85,57,86
    Phone Number CBA-BCAC
    Clubs Determined by the birth date chosen
    Hobby Listening to classical music and collecting hair bands
    Favourite Food Spaghetti
      Determining Her Club 

    Here is a very easy way to find out which club Shiori joins in the game. All you need to do is enter the system you are using + Shiori birthday. The following Java script is created by Kiwamoto and Artanx.

    Game system
    Shiori Fujisaki birthday Club

    Special Occurrences on dates 
    SPRING  Flashbacks while sitting on the grass at the Central park
    SUMMER Going on the water slide at the Water World
    FALL Looks for the growth notches on the tree at the playground
    WINTER The power stops on a Ferris wheel ride1
    X-MAS Asks you to walk home together after the party.

    Occurrences at the School 
    • Going to school together in the morning because you happen to get up early. 
    • Sharing an umbrella in the rain 
    • Food poisoning the whole members of club while in summer training camp,


    Music Classic
    Movie Romance
    Gift Hair Ribbons or Accessories

    Favorite date spots

    • Near park
    • Zoo
    • Art museum- famous painter show, statue show and horror show
    • Amusement park- ferry wheel only
    • Movie-romance and (?)
    • Concert- classic
    • Water park
    • Ski
    • Green day (first week in August)

    Bad date spots

    • Junk store
    • Amusement park- hero show (frist week of each month)
    • Studium- wrestling
    • beach

    Birthday Presents 
    1 st Year
    2 nd Year
    3 rd Year

    Shiori-chan's minimum requirements 

    StaminaAbove 50HumanitiesAbove 130ScienceAbove 130
    ArtAbove 130AthleticsAbove 130General KnowledgeAbove 120
    AppearanceAbove 100PerseverenceAbove 100StressUnder 30

    Special Birthday Event  see in Tricks and Tactics
    Post Graduation Plan 

  • She'll be attending first class University.   
    More infoClick here to see In deepth Strategy with Fujisaki Shiori

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