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  Requirement to meet her

  • Megumi will introduce herself if your stats are high enough. The necessary categories are: Humanities, Science, Art, General Knowledge, and Appearance. Otherwise, she will be introduced to you by Shiori, since she is Shiori's closest friend. Therefore, you should be in good relationship with Shiori in order to get introduced to her. Well, She asks Shiori to arrange introduction, nevertheless, it's your standing with Shiori that counts when it comes to meeting her. She will be introduced either on Valentines Day or at Rei's X-Mas party. 
  • Mikihara Megumi  Pic  Mikihara Megumi   

    She tends to be passive when it comes to boys and feels nervous around guys she especially like. Her hobby is playing with animals. She doesn't stand out in a crowd, but she has lots of female friends. 

    Her ideal type is a guy who is bright and likes animals like her. 

    Birth date Sept. 5
    Blood type A
    Height 150 cm
    Measurement 1st. year 78,57,79
    2nd. year 78,58,79
    3rd. year 79,58,80
    Phone Number CBA-ABCC
    Clubs None
    Hobby Playing with her pets
    Favourite Food Soft Cream
      Occurrences on dates 
    SPRING A guest at the special effects theater1
    SUMMER Comes to the park with her pet
    FALL Goes to the zoo to see the monkeys
    WINTER Hugs you while skating
    X-MAS Asks you to walk home together after the party

    Occurrences at the School 
  • Shares an umbrella with you during the rain. 

  • Interests 

    Music Classical
    Movie Romance

    Favorite date spots

    • Central Park
    • Shopping - Cloth and items store
    • Aquarium
    • Zoo
    • Amusement park- ferry wheel and ghost house
    • Movie (2? kinds)
    • Concert (?)
    • Skating Green day (first Sunday of August)

    Bad date spots

    • Shopping - junk store
    • Art museum- all except statue show
    • Library
    • Boiling
    • Amusement park- (2? kinds)hero show (first Sunday of each month)
    • Stadium
    • Movies- (? all except the 2 kinds)
    • Concert- (? all except 1 kind)
    • Beach
    • Ski

    Birthday Presents 
    2 nd Year
    3 rd Year

    Post Graduation Plan 

  • She'll be attending second class Company. 

    To Fujisaki Shiori  To Nijino Saki