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In deepth Strategy with Shiori Fujisaki

The girls you meet

The only girls you should meet is Yumi Saotome and Megumi Mikihara. You can' t avoid meeting Yumi, but as for Megumi, the time you meet her will make a difference. First of all, the requirement to meet Megumi are winning lots of games in a sport club, get ranked about 1-30 when you the term finals. Then you will meet Megumi when going to Christmas party or Shiori will introduce her to you in Feb. 14. It will be very hard if you meet her in the first year because as you build your status, Megumi will fall in love with you when you keep getting first ranked in the terms tests. To avoid this, keep literature, science, art, general knowledge in about 65-75. That way, you should be ranked abou 100 and you won' t meet Megumi. Use this method only for the first year only. After your term final on Dec. 95, you can start building your status and You won' t meet Megumi until Dec. 96 or Feb. 97.

Dating with Shiori

Use the information page to see what Shiori favorite date spots. Remember to date her to the special events. As for answers on date, choose the answers that contain her name everytime, for example when you date her on amusement park, choose the ferry ride and you should see one of the three answers contain her name, choose that!

How to impress Shiori

How to know if Shiori like you