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  Requirement to meet her

  • You need to bump into her at least three times before you get introduced by Yoshi. If you play a lot, she'll hear about you and asks you to take her out to the hottest places in town. 
  • Asahina Yuko Pic  Asahina Yuko   

    A bright and cheerful girl, she's not that good when it comes to school work but she's full of knowledge about everything else. Count on her to always have a grasp on the latest fashions and play spots. 

    Her ideal type is a guy who takes her to the hottest places in the town. 

    Birth date Oct. 17
    Blood type B
    Height 159 cm
    Measurement  1st. year 83,59,85
    2nd. year 83,60,86
    3rd. year 85,60,86
    Phone Number CAC-BACA
    Clubs None
    Hobby Playing
    Favourite Food Strange Food
    Special Occurrence 

  • Making a cheat sheet with her at the library. First, you and Yuko are just good friends. Second, you have to take her on a date to the library before an winter exam week. Third, you must have ranked at the same level as Yuko on the last exam, (i.e., you have to be fairly dumb).
    Occurrences on dates 
    SPRING Wins lots of UFO catcher toys at the arcades
    SUMMER Watch the night parade with you at the amusement park in August1
    FALL '97 She gets excited while watching a music concert
    WINTER '96 Falls while skating
    Occurrences at School 
  • Gets punished by the teacher for her tardiness. She doesn't mind and freely asks you to go out. 

    GiftAnything in latest Fad

    Favorite date spots

    • Zoo
    • Art museum- famous painters show and horror show
    • Amusement park- (2? kinds)
    • Movie- SF and (?)
    • Concert- (?)
    • Water Park
    • Beach
    • Skating
    • Ski Green day (first Sunday of August)

    Bad date spots

    • Shiopping- cloths store and junk store
    • Green Park
    • Planetarium
    • Art museum- normal and statue show
    • Library
    • Amusement park- ferry wheel hero show (first Sunday of each month)
    • Stadium
    • Movies- all except SF and (?)
    • Concert- all except (?)

    Birthday Presents 
    1 st Year
    2 nd Year
    3 rd Year

    Post Graduation Plan 

  • She'll be attending third class University.   

    To Koshiki Yukari  To Kiyokawa Nozomi