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  Requirement to meet her

Koshiki Yukari Pic  Koshiki Yukari   

Daughter of a wealthy family, she's always calm and unruffled - she even tends to be a little too relaxed at times. Her hobby is knitting sweaters and other things. 

Her ideal type is a guy who has great athletic sense. 

Birth date June 13
Blood type B
Height 157 cm
Measurements 1st. year 80,59,84
2nd. year 81,60,84
3rd. year 82,60,86
Phone Number CCC-BAAB
Clubs Tennis Club
Hobby Knitting
Favourite Food Pickle Food
Occurrences on dates 
SPRING She thinks a Venus fly trap is cute at the Greenhouse
SUMMER Gets soaked when watching the seals perform at the sea world
FALL Knits a sweater at the Central park1
WINTER Falls from the lift at the ski resort
Occurrences at School 
  • Goes to the nurse's room after injuring herself 
  • Gives you the knitted sweater as a present. 
    Special Occurrence 

  • She spends too much time in the bath during your class trip.
    Participating Activity 

  • Exercise 

    Movie Horror

    Favorite date spots

    • Central Park
    • Shopping - cloth and item stores
    • Zoo
    • Amusement park - (2? kinds)
    • Movie - (2? kinds)
    • Concert - classic
    • Water Park

    Bad date spots

    • Shopping - junk store
    • Green Garden
    • Planetarium
    • Art Museum - famous painter show
    • Game center - 1st option
    • Karaoke
    • Amusement park- hero show (first Sunday of each month)
    • Stadium
    • Movies- (3? kinds)
    • Concert- (2? kinds)
    • Skating

    Birthday Presents 
    1 st Year
    2 nd Year
    3 rd Year

    Post Graduation Plan 

  • She'll be attending second class University.   

    To Nijini Saki  To Asahina Yuko