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Tokimeki Memorial's Information

This game was produced at October 1995.The game was basically a simulation dating which took place in Kirameki High School. The goal of this game : To win heart and love of one girl from many girls that will appear in this game. (12 girls :D)

The game itself is very popular in Japan as a type of dating simulation , and also the game is very addictive which you don't want to stop playing it because of your curious. In order to be success and get love from a girl, you must build up your stats. There were 9 stats (stamina, humanities, science, arts, athletics, knowledge, appearance, preserverence, and stress). The intro opening and ending which both of them have a good song to hear, besides that the game works like a real life which you have to manage/ cordinate your activity from making a date (in order to get love) up to study (in order to get an impression from the girl that you loved). The game has a limited time: 3 years, and by the end of the time if the girl really likes you very much she will confess to you that she also loves you :D

In order to sucede, you have to always contact your friend Yoshio and look to all the girls feel at you, avoid the bomb from the girl face by dating the girl who has a bomb on you, or she will spread a bad gossip about you and it will affect all of the girl feeling about you, including your own girl!!!!

If you want to know whether the girl is like you or not just look at the face of your girl, (sad, normal, happy and happiest face) by calling Yoshio and choose the first options.

When you were dating with girl, there will be three answers that you have to choose (choose the best one, you will know you choose the right one is by looking at her face, if she response in big smile than you are in right track :D).


The most important event and activity is dating. The dates are marked as hearts on the calendar (but same hearts also represent the first encounters with girls). To arrange a date, call her up and pick a location and date. If you see the date of the date at the last of sentence of your dialogue in the text box, it's set. You can also tell by her enthusiastic voice. If you are not sure, check the calendar to see if the date is marked with a heart. When the day arrives, the game will prompt you with the heart icon. After or during each date, you will be given a couple of ways to respond. For instance, if you took her out to the movies, you can respond by saying the movie was boring, so so, or interesting. Read the survival guide for some more info about all this. She will react correspondingly and then tell you how she felt about the date (interesting, pleasant, boring and etc.) You want the best response unless you want to decrease a girl's interest toward you. You can skip a date, but the result is disastrous and promptly gets an angry call from the girl whom you stood up. Don't skip a date unless it's most dire situation (which is very rare in this game).

From time to time, a girl may ask to go out on a date on following weekend (See, it's two-way street). You can politely decline or agree. Don't worry about arranging two dates in one, for the game automatically blocks that from happening in the first place. In short, she wouldn't ask if you already arranged a date.

If you arrange two or more dates close together, you may be asked where you want to go. It's a sort of trick question to fool you. There will be no bogus choice (i.e. a place where you've not arrange a date) but the choices will be mixed up. You could always jot down exact arrangements of your dates on paper, but I find that takes the fun away. If the girl hasn't shown up when you arrive, you get the choice of waiting at that location since the girl is running late, or going to the other possible place(s). If you are sure that you've picked the right place, chose the first choice and she'll come eventually and apologize. If you are wrong, she'll be pissed and leave a message in your answering machine. This is same as skipping a date. If you believe you picked the wrong location, pick the right one this time and hopefully everything will be fine. If the girl isn't too hot about you though, she'll probably complain about your tardiness. If you've picked the wrong place again, an angry message from the girl. Keep in mind that it's possible for the girl has stood you up, although this is very rare and (possibly) only for happens for Kagami Mira.


If you have neglected a girl for long time without calling, or asking her out, she'll set a bomb. The bomb will explode without a notice, unless you check with Yoshi. It has a drastic effect of reducing almost all girls' state. The girls who are friends to each other have more drastic effects than who are not.

Remember that a girl doesn't need to be at the unhappy state to bomb you. She can be in love with you but set a bomb because you are possibly ignoring her love.

If a bomb explodes, you'll hear the explosion with the prompt call from Yoshi at night. He'll advice to amend with the girl as fast as you can. But, the damage is already done, and it may be hard to recover.

Special Days and Events

During the course of the game, there will be various activities you can participate. Here are the brief explanations to the events in the game.

You will be prompted at the beginning of that day whether to get a present (1st choice) for the birthday girl or not (2nd choice). If you decide to give a present, you have 3 choices of what to get for the girl and the selection changes for each birthday. Surprisingly, the list of selection and its order stay same for the game. It is not difficult to guess which present to give since the right present is based on a girl's preference. The girl's response will be similar like the responses from the dates'. On your birthday, if a girl likes you enough, she'll drop by your house on your birthday and give you a present. Only one girl, though.

Valentines Day
Rei will come up and tease you that he received more chocolates than anyone else. (The truckload of chocolate outside the school he proudly presents) In Japan, it's customary for a girl to give chocolates to someone she likes, or acquainted with. Throughout the day, the girls will give you chocolates but their dialogues and the chocolates (from homemade to an obligatory chocolate) will depend on their state of love toward you. This helps you determine which girl likes you or not.

Annual School Athletic Meeting
In June, the school holds annual School Athletic Meeting. You'll be participating one of four categories: 100 meter dash, Three Legged race, Picking up a girl and running race, and balancing a ball on a racket race. After the race, you'll get a chance to folk dance with three girls, including Fujisaki Shiori.

Field Trip
Your class will go on a field trip in 2nd year of school. You have a choice of going three places in Japan. The only difference is the setting and the battle that will occur at the end of field trip. If you have a girl who likes you, she'll go out with you on both free activity days. If you recline to go, or no one likes you, Yoshi will join you instead.

Rei's X-MAS party
First, in order to enter the Rei's Christmas party, your appearance must be over at least 70. Otherwise, you'll spend the Christmas Eve alone. During the party, you'll converse with Rei, Shiori, and two other girls. At the end of the party, you get to pick a present from the people you've met at the party. There may be a special event after the party, with specific character if you've been a good relationship with that girl.

New Year's Day
In Japan, you go to a Japanese temple to wish best luck for the year. You can either go alone or call a girl up to go with you. The girl who's madly in love with you may drop by to ask if you want to go with her. At the temple, you'll wish for one of three: Study, Health, or Romance with the girl you know (It doesn't matter if you choose different girl from you are with at the temple. And my response is always same - No such luck?!) Next, you move on to get your fortune told. The girl you are with will always get the best fortune. The fortune you've received will affect your performance for the year.

After School
Quite frequently, a girl will ask you to walk her home or to follow her because she has something to say to you. If a girl ignores you and run, that's an indication that you better make her happy soon or she'll set a bomb on you. click here to see picture

During School - Hallway
The place to bump into girls. Actually, girls bump into you. Sometimes a girl will ask you to go out or you'll meet a girl who'll be introduced later. Not much else (Boring).click here to see picture

Encountering Thugs
There are times when, at the start of your date, you get 'bumped' by a gang of thugs. You'll have to fight them via Final Fantasy style. It's quite hilarious. Obviously, it's better to win than lose. The girl with you will even help you, but don't expect too much. Mio was very useless as she heal a tiny bit. Yukari was hilarious as she calls out her father for help, and he comes slashing at them! Eventually, you have to fight on your own. The attack, defense, and HP are depended on your athletic and perseverance points. For the last time, you have to fight the boss of the thugs. You have no chance of winning if you've not learned any special skill from your school club (It varies from a club to a club). The exact effect of winning/losing a battle is unclear although you are rewarded with some items that never show.

Final Exams
This is the time to test your intellect. The standings are posted with names (Quelle Horreur!) after the exam so that you can find out how you fared compare to other girls and guys. The finals are taken at the end of each semester and the breaks start right afterward. At the middle of February 1998, you'll take an entrance test for either an university or a company. You get to choose the level of university or company you want to test for. The first one is the best and the third is the worst. Pick the one which reflects your girlfriend's choice or the best if none. It may not matter for some girls who don't plan on attending an university or working for a company.

The Graduation Day
The Graduation commence at March 1st, 1998. If all is successful, you receive a note from a girl asking you to meet her by the legendary tree. You can fairly expect that it's the girl you've been after but the surprise lurks. The first choice is to go ahead and you'll see the ending with spoken confession and high quality portrait of her. The second option is to confess your love to a girl you longed for, but you won't be rewarded with the good ending even if she accepts your love. The third option is to ignore it all together, hence the worst, but hilarious ending.

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