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Playing Guide
Date Locations
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Playground Greenhouse Bowling Concert Hall
Central Park Planetarium Karaoke WaterWorld || Skating
Shopping District2 Art Museum Amusement Park2 Beach || Skiing
SeaWorld Library Stadium Japanese Temple
Zoo Arcade2 Movie Theater

Movie Schedule

Spring'95: Closed
Summer'95: Oirayaateruyo (comedy)
Autumn'95: Forrest Gump (romance)
Winter'95: Samasou (action)
Spring'96: Hangaa (horror)
Summer'96: Kanpanman (anime)
Autumn'96: Suiken Tuu (action)
Winter'96: Ai No Melody (romance)
Spring'97: Speed (action)
Summer'97: Banpo (horror)
Autumn'97: Omen (comedy)
Winter'97: Koi to seisyun no tabidachi (romance)

Concert Schedule

Spring'95: KNM Orchestra (classical)
Summer'95: Chisa Morita (idol)
Autumn'95: Chage-Asu (rock)
Winter'95: Wizard (new music)
Spring'96: Riko Koudama (idol)
Summer'96: Xexex (rock)
Autumn'96: KNM Orchestra (classical)
Winter'96: Bees (new music)
Spring'97: SNACK (idol)
Summer'97: KNM Orchestra (classical)
Autumn'96: PRF (new music)
Winter'96: Rinsuu (rock)

Stadium Schedule

January: Wrestling
February: Closed
March: Wrestling
April: Baseball
May: Baseball
June: Wrestling
July: Baseball
August: Baseball
September: Baseball
October: Baseball
November: Wrestling
December: Closed

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